Times & Dates

Packet Pickup: Friday, 3/23/18: 5p.m. – 7p.m. at Horse Campground (race Start/Finish)

Packet Pickup (Race Day): Saturday, 3/24/18: 6a.m. at Horse Campground (race Start/Finish)

Cutoff for Drop Bag transport to Aid A: Saturday, 3/24/18: 6:45a.m.

50 mile & 50k Race Start: Saturday, 3/24/18: 7a.m.

14 mile Race Start: Saturday, 3/24/18: 8a.m.

Drop bags returned to Start/Finish: Saturday, 3/24/18: 1p.m., 3p.m, 7p.m., 10p.m.

Sunrise: Saturday, 3/24/18: 7:42a.m.

Sunset: Saturday, 3/24/18: 8:01p.m.

Cut Off Times (strictly enforced):

Aid B: Saturday, 3/24/18: 8p.m.

Aid A: Saturday, 3/24/18: 9:30p.m.

Race Finish: Saturday, 3/24/18: 10p.m.

Race Rules

No Littering! Race Management and ITRA believe in preserving the beauty of our forests, and we believe you do too. Please discard your trash (this includes organic trash like bananas) in a waste bin. Failing to follow this direction is grounds for disqualification.

No Pets (on the course): We love your pooch, or iguana, or python, but they are not allowed to run on the course with you. If you’re camping, please make sure your pet is attended to while you participate.

No shortcutting! If you head off course, you must return to the place at which you deviated and complete the course as designated. Failing to do so is grounds for disqualification.

Be respectful: All race personnel and aid station workers are volunteering so that you can have a great race experience. You must be respectful of these people as they work for you.

Race Locations

Start/Finish – Horse Campground

4850 Fishcreek Rd, Poland, IN 47868

Note: This is the entrance to the campground. The Start/Finish is after the first parking lot.

Aid A – Mountain Bike Trailhead

Hale Hill Rd, Poland, IN 47868

Aid B – Rattlesnake Campground

Surber Rd, Spencer, IN 47460

Note: Google has this named Cataract Void, Jennings Township, IN 47460

Course Description

The course is best described as rugged. The elevation is tough, sure (~6500 ft for 50 miles), but year round natural springs keep the course muddy in spots. That means that even dry conditions will have mud. The course is single track, horse trails, and a little fire road mixed in.

The course is a lollipop: Start/Finish to Aid A is the “stick” and a loop from Aid A through Aid B and back to Aid A is the delicious “pop”. Aid A to the Start/Finish completes the lollipop.

The 50 mile and 50k runners will run out the lollipop counter clockwise, do two “pops”, and then return to the Start/Finish. 50k runners will then do a counter clockwise lollipop with a truncated “pop,” while the 50 mile runners will do two more complete counter clockwise lollipops.

14 mile runners do one counter clockwise lollipop. Yum!

Trails are rugged and there will be mud! It’s the toughest trail race in Indiana!

Race Instructions

Cupless Race: This event is a cupless race. We care about the environment and want everyone to enjoy it for the years to come. To eliminate waste, all participants are required to have the ability to carry 20oz of water on their person at all times.

Drop Bags: 50 mile and 50k participants are allowed one drop bag that will be placed at Aid A. Please prominently display your name and bib number on your drop bag. When finished with your drop bag, place the drop bag in the “Discard” section for return to the Start/Finish line. Drop bags are not specifically limited in size. However, please be respectful of volunteers by keeping the size of your drop bag to a minimum. Drop bags will NOT be protected from the elements, so a water-proof or dry-bag style is recommended. Race management is not responsible for any damaged or lost items. Note: 14 mile participants are not allowed a drop bag.

Pacers: 50 mile participants are allowed one pacer for the final 14 mile loop. Pacers must contact Race Management and sign a waiver to be a pacer. Safety is our number one priority! Please communicate your intent to Race Management so that a proper count of runners and pacers is maintained.

Other Information

Parking: Race parking is located at Horse Campground near the Start/Finish line. Please follow race personnel instruction on where to park.

Weather: Spring in Indiana can provide interesting weather. 2017 brought a 50° day and dry conditions. However, 2018 could be rainy or even have snow, so please watch the weather and prepare accordingly!

Head Lamps: We recommend 50 mile and 50k participants wear headlamps for the start of the race and for participants expecting to finish after 8p.m.

Course Map

OPSF Course Map